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Old Times [04 Jan 2009|01:28am]
[ mood | pensive ]

Last night, I cooked spaghetti bolognese for tea and then I went out to the Argyle with Iain Collins, Jack Dutton and Chris Cassam. I had an excellent time, it was great to catch up with friends and reminisce about old times, everything that seemed so bad at that time seems insignificant years later.

The reason why I'm updating is because LiveJournal is a relic of days gone by when everyone used to post sometimes more than once a day and we all had some kind of discernment of how each other felt at a given moment in time. LiveJournal was killed by MySpace which seems to have been gazumped by Facebook, which just seems opaque.

Rather than having a large text box to input your thoughts and feelings and attempt to be poignant and poetic Facebook favours a single line in which a large percentage of people seem to complain.

I'll be honest, I'm only updating so they don't delete my LJ.

P.S. I learnt loads of words off the mood selection in LJ so it was a part of my education. Please comment, I'd love to know if my friends are still using LJ. Anyone up for starting a 'use LJ' campaign on Facebook?

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The New House [02 Oct 2005|02:07pm]
[ mood | wired ]

It's been pure time since I have updated.

I've just (yesterday) installed a wireless internet router and receptors in my house, now, all my housemates and I all have internet access in our own bedrooms. Excellent.

The new house is just outside of Allerton on the edge of Mossley Hill, about a 5 minute walk from all of the shops on Allerton Road (Home Bargain, Woolworths etc.)

I am very happy with the new house. It is big enough, comfortable, attractive and peaceful, a 4 bedroom terraced house, just at the foot of the hill. I don't know how we found such a nice house for such a price, but it is astounding that we were all too drunk to really remember what the house looked like when we signed contracts for it.

I would rather not go back to the old house..........
There's too many, bad memories.........

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Aurelia [10 Jan 2005|03:46pm]
I dreamt we were standing
By the banks of the Mersey
Where the cold grey waters ripple
In the misty morning light
Held a match to your cigarette
Watched the smoke curl in the mist
Your eyes, blue as the ocean between us
Smiling at me

I awoke so cold and lonely
In a faraway place
The sun fell cold upon my face
The cracks in the ceiling spelt hell
Turned to the wall
Pulled the sheets around my head
Tried to sleep, and dream my way
Back to you again

Count the days
Slowly passing by
Step on a plane
And fly away
I'll see you then
As the dawnbirds sing
On a cold and misty morning
By the Albert Dock
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Bricks and Mortar a Kingdom of Stone [10 Jan 2005|03:35pm]
It's been a long time since my last update. So I decided to get my finger out and write something.

My Christmas break begins tomorow and it lasts for four days. Since Uni broke up I've been working flat out in the Bar. I can't wait to get a few days off and just relax and play a bit of football and see my niece and stuff.

I've saved up enough money and I'm thinking of going to the Dam with a few of my mates or going to the Bieszcady Mountains in Poland. These are just a few pipe dreams, don't suppose anyone has any reccomendations?

It was lovely to see Chloes face the other day if only for a moment. I wish I didn't have to work and I could have got in touch with everyone over Christmas. I suppose that's the way it goes. Well I've met some fairly interesting people over Christmas and found a few good mates.

Really not looking forward to Uni starting again. I've a lot of things to face up to.

My flatmate Johnny just got back from Derry yesterday so I bought him Sunday Lunch at Lloyds Bar to celebrate. I think I will go home and see him for a few hours before I'm in work tonight.

Anyone up to much the next few days?
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Transmetropolitan [13 Sep 2004|04:17pm]
It's unbelievable reading everyones LJ how much things have changed and how much I haven't noticed. It's scary in fact, everyone seems so different to how you would have expected them to be years, maybe even months earlier.

For the most part though, it sounds as if people are happy, and people are finding themselves. Granted, some people feel down, but I'm sure it won't be like that forever.

I can't imagine ever posting on LJ after this post. I'm moving away to Uni (LJM) on Thursday. I remember talking to Hannah about how lots of people may never see each other again, and right about now, that seems like a real possibility, even in fact a probability, and I'm not even moving that far away.

It seems as though these next few days are the end of life as I know it. I'm not saying I'm upset about that, I'm probably as exited now as I have ever been.

Recently (ie the last few months) I haven't really had any time for my old friends. I have barely spent a day away from Kirsty, and when I have the only reason why is because of work or sport.

Although none of you have probably noticed I haven't been around much, or in touch.

I thought now would be the best time to say to everyone on my friends list that although I've probably been about the worst friend to you at times, I have infinite respect for you, (to certain people - I hope you know who you are) I'm sorry for the times that I didn't treat you the way I should have done.

Anyone on my friends list. Please get in touch.
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Worst Fireworks Ever [19 Jul 2004|12:18am]
Went down by the Ferry to watch the fireworks on the Anglican Cathedral with Kirsty and her Mum.

This weekend we'd been together for seven months, it coincided with my parents being away on holiday, which was nice.

Anyhow we decided to have a quiet night in but in was kind of crashed for a bit. Nevermind. I need to replace all the beer back in the fridge.

I didn't bother to fill in my student loan forms but I still want to get one cause I want to buy some stuff. Does anyone know if it's too late or not?

Work in Levers tomorow. I don't have to mission all the way up to Runcorn... Can't wait.

I've got loads to write but I gots to go to bed and see me gorgeous girlfriend! :P
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I Fought The Law [20 May 2004|10:08am]
It's been absolutely ages since I updated. I can't believe how long its been, and how little I can be arsed writing. Same old, same old I suppose. With the odd few exceptions that shouldn't be mentioned.

It's been so long since I've seen anyone off my LJ and had a good old chat with them. I suppose I should because it's such a short time until everyone buggers off and does their own thing in life.

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Lights Out [01 Jan 2004|05:16am]
It's unbelievable the transition my life has took recently. I mean one minute I'm a fairly quiet kind of guy who was more into reading than going out, and the next I'm out like all the time.
Tonight was one weird night. And if I'm honest, it's really not me the stuff that went on tonight. I went to this party out just past the Woody. There was no fighting or anything, but it's really not my scene.
There was girls stripping, and I got to thinking, how the hell does it matter if they strip in front of me and another 30 odd lads. Whats so fucking special about that? Where's the romance in that? Anyway, two of them just started going for each other [sexually] and I just decided to leave and went and found some little lad lost in the street who didn't know where his home was. And it felt twice as good helping him get home as it did watching lesbians strip. Tell me I'm not a pensioner in disguise, please.
Happy New Year everyone, I mean that. I'm kind of hoping that this next year will be better than the last, which as years go was pretty good to be fair to it, although it had its moments. I'll generally look back with happy memories, but I had my bouts with depression and rage as always.
Right now the big thing in my life is Pirate Radio. If you know me and you're interested then get in touch cause some of this stuff is absolutely banging.
I got my job back aslo. Seeing as I'm not going to play football for anyone anytime soon. If anyone can find any corporate sponsors for me, I'm doing a run down in London, basically the sponsorship is a bit on the side, cause to be honest I'm just doing it to fill in some gaps before other runs and stuff. I don't want any personal sponsors because I know that after Christmas people are always skint because of spending money on their families and friends and I certainly do not disagree with that, but companies on the other hand are pretty loaded. I'm looking to donate money to Childline, because I cannot think of a better cause.
Friends, who live local, I'll be getting in touch soon because I miss you quite a bit and that.

30th Jan.... Night Out.... If you're interested get in touch, anyone who wants can kip at mine, just bring a sleeping bag first and then we'll probably be off to town or something, no nightclubs or dance music. I'll explain when you get in touch.
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That's Entertainment [09 Dec 2003|12:44am]
Bloody hell its cold outside. My feet get freezing cold and my hands get really sore. At least Christmas is coming.

There's lots that has happened, but nothing that I could post.
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Change our description [05 Dec 2003|05:54am]
I'm back to my old ways again. Hence updating. I haven't slept for ages. It's nearly six in the morning, I haven't been to bed, I'm not tired and I'm thinking of going down to the shops to get some work off someone. Sometimes people give me paper rounds.
This is gonna sound really weird but I reckon dawn in the Dales, is easily as beautiful as dawn in Cali, and by the Dales I mean the estate not the yorkshire.

My Grandad is the best. He'll be up so I'll get a paper and go round and see him.
I came up with that idea as I typed.
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Give Me Shelter [05 Dec 2003|01:50am]
My Nanas nephew was arrested last week. He was smuggling drugs for a gang from Ireland. He filled a car full of drugs and tried to ferry it back over to Liverpool. Apparently he was selling the drugs in Liverpool too. Although I do feel some sympathy for him being related to him, I am thankful that my Nana can no longer lecture me about keeping my nose clean and out of trouble, because when I do get into trouble I can just say - 'it came from your side of the family, Nan.'

Its scary that I can't sleep. I feel absolutely wide awake and tomorow I will feel awful.

"American Army regulation says you musn't kill more than ten percent of a nation, to do so causes permanent psychological damage."
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The Fourth Day [04 Dec 2003|12:55pm]
This is my fourth day of illness. I thought I was getting better yesterday, but clearly not.

Last night my dad went out with a mate, drinking. I thought he was going to a pub in Birkenhead or something, so I was expecting him back on the last train. My mams not about btw.
When he never came home I went out looking for him at about twelve. I thought he might have got the train back to the Merebrook and had a few in there and then fell in one of the bushes. I went down there and I didn't fire him, so I started to check for the Rake, and then I started feeling really ill so I returned home.
I rang him up a few times, but his phone was off. So I woke my brother up and asked him if Dad was coming home. He said he didn't know. So back out I went.
Then at 2 in the morning I had came back in and I was sat there eating some bread and then a taxi pulled up outside. It turned out he had been over to town and went to all the clubs :S - I don't even do that!
The moral of the story is, the clubs in town have no street cred anymore. And if you have kids who's mam is gone away, tell them where you are, cause they may need to find you to get lunch money off you.

I'm hooked on Red Alert 2. I never normally have time for computer games, but I really do like this one. I spent Tuesday playing it, my dad is really stupid though. He took a look at the screen and said "Whats that?" to which I replied "Business Studies Revision" as one of my apocalypse tanks smashed through the enemy war factory, and one of my attack dogs attacked an enemy engineer.

You ever played a game over the net. There's so many people on there who are just so good at the games, I got absolutely caned within 3 minutes. Jim can do it though.

Every phone call I get I kind of expect it to be a teacher. Yesterday a teacher did phone up. She was quite sound about me being off though. I just got a phone call telling me the Friday night plans are ruined, anyone got any ideas?
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Sympathy from the Devil [02 Dec 2003|11:14pm]
My sympathy goes to everyone who is ill right now. Move over, I'm in the same boat as you all. Everyone seems to be quite ill, I just read Lucy's Journal, and it seems like Lucy is in particular, so I hope you get better soon Lucy.

I couldn't leave the house today because I felt so bad. Maybe I didn't feel so bad, maybe I just didn't feel like I looked good, I don't know. Theres this song that I keep on listening to, and its strange but the refrain to the song seems to fit the situation quite perfectly.

'And I don't want the world to see me, cause I don't think that they'd understand'

On a lighter note, has anyone heard that song, 'Christmas is All Around', I hope that's as bad as it gets I can tell you.

I'm kind of looking forward to Christmas. It will be good to have my sister back home and maybe some family over. I used to love Christmas as a kid. It wasn't all of the presents and food, it was the sparkly lights, and the happiness, that can get kind of infectious. Now its about watching my niece enjoy Christmas and everything that I used to love.

Everyones stressing over presents. But its mad, in my book, presents buy themselves, and I hate buying and giving generic presents like CD's. It sounds awful but I'll probably buy vodka or brandy for my teenage cousins 15+ cause, it will mean more to them because it's in short supply.

A warning to you all, be very careful about drinking in such cold conditions. Alcohol causes vasodilation of the veins nearest to the surface of you're skin, which is a method that the body uses to reduce heat, hence why you go red when you get hot. This causes people to feel tired and cold, and sometimes they end up asleep, which leads them to inevitable death. I'd hate that to happen to anyone, especially around Christmas time.

At the St. Bernards pass they would send the dogs, with the little barrels of brandy around their necks to save people from the cold when they were lost on the pass. That was before science. They now realise that the dogs killed more people due to hypothermia than they saved from hypothermia.
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An Ill Boy Production [16 Nov 2003|12:30am]
All in all a good Saturday night, although it could have been bad. The weather outside is frightful and I was too ill to face it today. So I watched Scotland play then tidied my office and my bedroom.
Forrest Gump was on so I gave that a few hours but then got bored. (Great film just seen it all before) its kind of inspiring though so after having seen that film I wrote for a bit.
I'm sleeping alot more now which is good news because last few times I updated I wasn't getting alot of sleep. Other than that theres not really that much to say. I had my eighteenth and I was going to have a party round at mine but I never really got round to it.
I also went out with a really nice girl for a few weeks who I kind of liked alot but had to split up with because being apart from her all the time was making me quite sad and I wouldn't mind a semi-proper girlfriend who I could see more than once a week. But I'm not bitter and I think she's a great person we still friends, like the other day I had to leg it round to her house because a big spider escaped in her computer room and her and her brothers where too scared of it.
Also, I quit my job. It needed to be done because it was cramping my style, lol. Seriously I have my reasons for quitting but I'm not bitter about leaving work either.
Also MSN hasn't been working for ages and I've been to busy to get it fixed. Which is a great shame because I miss talking to you all. All of you who might read this.

BTW - Southy Kids - For the next exec meeting I'm drafting a letter too Jarvis telling them if they don't give us bins and boards in the common room I'm writing to the local rag and they can give them some bad press.
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[23 Oct 2003|04:36pm]
Have you ever hit someone forcefully?:erm, once or twice
Have you ever thrown anything at a moving car?:erm, once or twice
Have you ever been in a fist fight?:I was proffesionally trained in fist fighting about two years ago
Have you ever laughed so hard you cried?:Yeah - it was because I was so happy though.
Have you ever hit an animal on the road?:No, I'd rather swerve and hit a mancunian
Have you ever seen a Beatles film?:No.
Have you ever cussed?:Yeah
Have you ever been on a subway?:Yeah
Have you ever taught a little kid to cuss?:When I was in primary school
Have you ever cheated on a test/exam?:Yeah, on important external exams.
Have you ever skipped school?:Yeah, do that one quite often.
Have you ever egged someones house?:Yeah, used to do that one quite often.
Have you ever gotten a computer virus?:Yeah.
Have you ever cried for no reason at all?:Not that I can remember.
At last but not least, have you ever missed someone?:What sort of fucking question is that?

Have You Ever? brought to you by BZOINK!
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Damn you Lucible [23 Oct 2003|04:31pm]
What is your favorite....:
food:Lamb Dhansak
place to eat:Maison de Jean
fast food joint:McDonalds
ice cream:White Chocolate
cookie:Don't really know
candy:Hersheys Cookies and Cream
pie:Steak and Kidney
cake:Chocolate Cake

Food Favorite Survey brought to you by BZOINK!
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Still Around [23 Oct 2003|02:00pm]
Hello everyone, I'm still around, just thought I'd let you know. Not much else to say really, everyones been away so the Sixth Form Common Room is kind of uneventful. My prediction though is that there is going to be a fight coming up in the common room or out on the field. I just hope people show some maturity and try to discourage it rather than encourage it.

"Your ship is finally coming into port after being out in the rough seas for so long, dear Scorpio. It is time to pull into the harbor and dock the boat for a while. Relax on dry land and explore the neighboring area. There is nothing wrong with getting off your vessel for a while. You may not even have realized how much you missed solid ground until now. Remember what it is like to be stable again."

I'll cut your face this ain't no motherfucking movie
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Upper School Presentation Evening [21 Oct 2003|10:39pm]
School is somewhere most people try to avoid but I decided to go there tonight on account of the year 12's collecting their awards. To be fair it was quite a good night because after how many years with them you do kind of get to know more of them than you think. Brian and Toni did a speech it was pretty good.
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Can anybody tell me why the good die young? [17 Oct 2003|04:51pm]
Life has changed quite a lot recently. The things I like have changed, it's very strange. I suppose I am happier than before.

I have a guitar lesson to give tonight :) I'm quite looking forward to it. I think thats pretty soon. Then I'm going cook myself something really good :P. Then I'm going to go out.

Friends, have a good friday night, and have a good weekend. Do your thing boi.
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Mad [12 Oct 2003|05:41pm]
Last time I updated properly was absolutely ages ago. So here goes:

Andy had a party last night so I went round to his after work. To be fair the party was well good, he laid it on really, really well. I had worked from five until ten o'clock so it wasn't that bad.
I came home at about 3 o'clock and read for a bit until about five then I went upstairs to tidy up, but I ended up just lieing down. Had my breakfast at about five minutes to six and then motored down to work.
One of our paperboys never turned up this morning so I volunteered to go out and take the round, what with it not being such a cold day. So I did that and that was pretty good fun. An old man invited me in for a cup of tea but I had to decline :(.
When I got home I went to see my aunty. She lives round the corner but it took me an hour to get there because a man who recognised me stopped me and spoke to me for about an hour. It was boring, but I feel good having given him my time. Who knows maybe he felt the same?

Then I went out and got some new phones - they are really groovy phones.

I watched my cousins football match, and the ref got slated even though he was good. I sometimes wonder how anyone could hate a man for his judgement (or lack of).

I really need to get more sleep, my personality is changing because of the lack of it I think. I just grunt and nod when people ask me questions now.
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