Bruno Tattaglia (tattaglia) wrote,
Bruno Tattaglia


Last time I updated properly was absolutely ages ago. So here goes:

Andy had a party last night so I went round to his after work. To be fair the party was well good, he laid it on really, really well. I had worked from five until ten o'clock so it wasn't that bad.
I came home at about 3 o'clock and read for a bit until about five then I went upstairs to tidy up, but I ended up just lieing down. Had my breakfast at about five minutes to six and then motored down to work.
One of our paperboys never turned up this morning so I volunteered to go out and take the round, what with it not being such a cold day. So I did that and that was pretty good fun. An old man invited me in for a cup of tea but I had to decline :(.
When I got home I went to see my aunty. She lives round the corner but it took me an hour to get there because a man who recognised me stopped me and spoke to me for about an hour. It was boring, but I feel good having given him my time. Who knows maybe he felt the same?

Then I went out and got some new phones - they are really groovy phones.

I watched my cousins football match, and the ref got slated even though he was good. I sometimes wonder how anyone could hate a man for his judgement (or lack of).

I really need to get more sleep, my personality is changing because of the lack of it I think. I just grunt and nod when people ask me questions now.
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Congratulations, you managed to miss the party of the party when it went totally downhill! And arrived back again just as it picked up again!
part* of the party
Isn't it a bit too much of a coincidence that it went downhill after I left and that it got better when I came back? :P
Okay, it was obviously because of the lack of you being there for it going downhill!

(What you wanted to hear right?!)
Thankyou ;)