Bruno Tattaglia (tattaglia) wrote,
Bruno Tattaglia

An Ill Boy Production

All in all a good Saturday night, although it could have been bad. The weather outside is frightful and I was too ill to face it today. So I watched Scotland play then tidied my office and my bedroom.
Forrest Gump was on so I gave that a few hours but then got bored. (Great film just seen it all before) its kind of inspiring though so after having seen that film I wrote for a bit.
I'm sleeping alot more now which is good news because last few times I updated I wasn't getting alot of sleep. Other than that theres not really that much to say. I had my eighteenth and I was going to have a party round at mine but I never really got round to it.
I also went out with a really nice girl for a few weeks who I kind of liked alot but had to split up with because being apart from her all the time was making me quite sad and I wouldn't mind a semi-proper girlfriend who I could see more than once a week. But I'm not bitter and I think she's a great person we still friends, like the other day I had to leg it round to her house because a big spider escaped in her computer room and her and her brothers where too scared of it.
Also, I quit my job. It needed to be done because it was cramping my style, lol. Seriously I have my reasons for quitting but I'm not bitter about leaving work either.
Also MSN hasn't been working for ages and I've been to busy to get it fixed. Which is a great shame because I miss talking to you all. All of you who might read this.

BTW - Southy Kids - For the next exec meeting I'm drafting a letter too Jarvis telling them if they don't give us bins and boards in the common room I'm writing to the local rag and they can give them some bad press.
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