Bruno Tattaglia (tattaglia) wrote,
Bruno Tattaglia

The Fourth Day

This is my fourth day of illness. I thought I was getting better yesterday, but clearly not.

Last night my dad went out with a mate, drinking. I thought he was going to a pub in Birkenhead or something, so I was expecting him back on the last train. My mams not about btw.
When he never came home I went out looking for him at about twelve. I thought he might have got the train back to the Merebrook and had a few in there and then fell in one of the bushes. I went down there and I didn't fire him, so I started to check for the Rake, and then I started feeling really ill so I returned home.
I rang him up a few times, but his phone was off. So I woke my brother up and asked him if Dad was coming home. He said he didn't know. So back out I went.
Then at 2 in the morning I had came back in and I was sat there eating some bread and then a taxi pulled up outside. It turned out he had been over to town and went to all the clubs :S - I don't even do that!
The moral of the story is, the clubs in town have no street cred anymore. And if you have kids who's mam is gone away, tell them where you are, cause they may need to find you to get lunch money off you.

I'm hooked on Red Alert 2. I never normally have time for computer games, but I really do like this one. I spent Tuesday playing it, my dad is really stupid though. He took a look at the screen and said "Whats that?" to which I replied "Business Studies Revision" as one of my apocalypse tanks smashed through the enemy war factory, and one of my attack dogs attacked an enemy engineer.

You ever played a game over the net. There's so many people on there who are just so good at the games, I got absolutely caned within 3 minutes. Jim can do it though.

Every phone call I get I kind of expect it to be a teacher. Yesterday a teacher did phone up. She was quite sound about me being off though. I just got a phone call telling me the Friday night plans are ruined, anyone got any ideas?
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