Bruno Tattaglia (tattaglia) wrote,
Bruno Tattaglia

Lights Out

It's unbelievable the transition my life has took recently. I mean one minute I'm a fairly quiet kind of guy who was more into reading than going out, and the next I'm out like all the time.
Tonight was one weird night. And if I'm honest, it's really not me the stuff that went on tonight. I went to this party out just past the Woody. There was no fighting or anything, but it's really not my scene.
There was girls stripping, and I got to thinking, how the hell does it matter if they strip in front of me and another 30 odd lads. Whats so fucking special about that? Where's the romance in that? Anyway, two of them just started going for each other [sexually] and I just decided to leave and went and found some little lad lost in the street who didn't know where his home was. And it felt twice as good helping him get home as it did watching lesbians strip. Tell me I'm not a pensioner in disguise, please.
Happy New Year everyone, I mean that. I'm kind of hoping that this next year will be better than the last, which as years go was pretty good to be fair to it, although it had its moments. I'll generally look back with happy memories, but I had my bouts with depression and rage as always.
Right now the big thing in my life is Pirate Radio. If you know me and you're interested then get in touch cause some of this stuff is absolutely banging.
I got my job back aslo. Seeing as I'm not going to play football for anyone anytime soon. If anyone can find any corporate sponsors for me, I'm doing a run down in London, basically the sponsorship is a bit on the side, cause to be honest I'm just doing it to fill in some gaps before other runs and stuff. I don't want any personal sponsors because I know that after Christmas people are always skint because of spending money on their families and friends and I certainly do not disagree with that, but companies on the other hand are pretty loaded. I'm looking to donate money to Childline, because I cannot think of a better cause.
Friends, who live local, I'll be getting in touch soon because I miss you quite a bit and that.

30th Jan.... Night Out.... If you're interested get in touch, anyone who wants can kip at mine, just bring a sleeping bag first and then we'll probably be off to town or something, no nightclubs or dance music. I'll explain when you get in touch.
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