Bruno Tattaglia (tattaglia) wrote,
Bruno Tattaglia

Worst Fireworks Ever

Went down by the Ferry to watch the fireworks on the Anglican Cathedral with Kirsty and her Mum.

This weekend we'd been together for seven months, it coincided with my parents being away on holiday, which was nice.

Anyhow we decided to have a quiet night in but in was kind of crashed for a bit. Nevermind. I need to replace all the beer back in the fridge.

I didn't bother to fill in my student loan forms but I still want to get one cause I want to buy some stuff. Does anyone know if it's too late or not?

Work in Levers tomorow. I don't have to mission all the way up to Runcorn... Can't wait.

I've got loads to write but I gots to go to bed and see me gorgeous girlfriend! :P
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