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The New House

It's been pure time since I have updated.

I've just (yesterday) installed a wireless internet router and receptors in my house, now, all my housemates and I all have internet access in our own bedrooms. Excellent.

The new house is just outside of Allerton on the edge of Mossley Hill, about a 5 minute walk from all of the shops on Allerton Road (Home Bargain, Woolworths etc.)

I am very happy with the new house. It is big enough, comfortable, attractive and peaceful, a 4 bedroom terraced house, just at the foot of the hill. I don't know how we found such a nice house for such a price, but it is astounding that we were all too drunk to really remember what the house looked like when we signed contracts for it.

I would rather not go back to the old house..........
There's too many, bad memories.........
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alright, it's been a long time since i've heard anything from you! how have you been? you're at uni in liverpool i guess? bit of a distance away from me now! hows life been doing you?
Yep, I'm at John Moores Uni.

Lifes been treating me great. Moreover, I've actually been looking after myself and growing up.

Where have you gone?

I must confess that I am a bit disappointed that I havent heard from you or had an email or anything!

All is forgiven now. Give me an email PHCRCRYE@LIVJM.AC.UK
glad you like ya new house!
Back at uni... calm down time?!...wait i don't think so.
you live right by my good friend lisa now!its quite alright up there me thinks..i love alley road.spent many a day/weekend up there, going to that really nice student of which escapes me.
keep havin fun. and take care. x
D'you know what, I've drank 4 pints of beer since I've been away, that is the total of my alcohol cosumption.

It's not hard when you have other preferences.

Thanks for the nice message. Probably speak to you online soon.