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The New House

It's been pure time since I have updated.

I've just (yesterday) installed a wireless internet router and receptors in my house, now, all my housemates and I all have internet access in our own bedrooms. Excellent.

The new house is just outside of Allerton on the edge of Mossley Hill, about a 5 minute walk from all of the shops on Allerton Road (Home Bargain, Woolworths etc.)

I am very happy with the new house. It is big enough, comfortable, attractive and peaceful, a 4 bedroom terraced house, just at the foot of the hill. I don't know how we found such a nice house for such a price, but it is astounding that we were all too drunk to really remember what the house looked like when we signed contracts for it.

I would rather not go back to the old house..........
There's too many, bad memories.........
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